Bend the norm

Joost van Veldhuizen

Joost Joseph van Veldhuizen. 1985. Kingdom of the Netherlands. Artist. Designer. Owner VanJoost. Owner Kegel . School of Art: weighed and found wanting.

past orthodox present pushing future cult.

rule bend the norm

Collection of Graypants

Simplicity in its most basic form defines Graypants Roest collection, Roest (Dutch for rust) by VanJoost. Simplicity, or the lack of complexity, is highlighted in this series inspired by rough materials found in VanJoost’s studio in the Netherlands.

Get inspired or tuned

don’t take no for answer. find the yes where it’s hidden. try. try harder. fail. get up. doubt the rules. fight your norm. embrace the edge. hurry up. take your time. go. don’t go. doubt your mind. try the dark. see the light. push through. reach for the moon and touch fate.

An almost religious collection

Pick a ritual.
Sharpen a knife.
To save or not to save.
Quiet your soul.
Be chosen.

Bend the norm

create your space with an almost religious collection.

A space to doubt. to trip over your past and to run over your future. perceive the prophet. help out the gods

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